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Hideaway at Royalton Saint Lucia, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort - Adults Only
Gros Islet, In Gros Islet (Cap Estate), Gros Islet, lC01101, Saint Lucia
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Hideaway at Royalton Saint Lucia, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort - Adults Only, Gros Islet

Hideaway at Royalton Saint Lucia, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort - Adults Only

Hideaway at Royalton Saint Lucia is a hotel within a resort where guests are invited to discover 94 luxurious guestrooms with breathtaking views of the beautiful ocean beyond our private cove lush green coastline.   Hideaway is a prestige brand of Royalton Luxury Resort's hotels, created for discerning adult travelers who desire a next-level All-In Luxury® experience. These resorts brings guests the charming warmth of the Caribbean, exceptional service and world-class dining together within an exquisite property. Hideaway is a tranquil vacation experience for adults with elevated privacy, enhanced quality of service and complimentary extras. Each day enjoy afternoon mixology classes, refreshing cold towels are handed out, and lens cleaning services and express shiatsu massages are offered on the beach or by the pool. Guests of Hideaway enjoy access to all of the larger resort's rest.

Hideaway at Royalton Saint Lucia, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort - Adults Only

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Cleanliness 4.5
Comfort 4.4
Neighborhood 4.2
Amenities 4.1
Condition 4.2
Recomendation 66.4%
“I do not understand how this is a TripAdvisor pick. We were expecting amazing things out of a “top 10% in world resort”. My husband and I went to Hideaway Royalton St. Lucia for our honeymoon, expecting top service and a relaxing trip. There were a few good things to the resort, but there were A LOT of negatives: 1) Upon arriving, they were not expecting a group of Hideaway guests. Instead of being brought down to the Hideaway lobby, they made everyone walk from the main lobby to the Hideaway lobby. Bags were not brought down until over an hour later to the Hideaway lobby. They said someone would bring our bag to our room, but we had to go find our bag and bring it to the room ourselves. 2)My husband and I booked the Romance Package weeks before arrival. Once we checked in, we were told our package was not booked. Once in the room, we see a “Happy Anniversary” banner (which is the wrong banner) and part of the romance package. Over an hour later we received a call saying they found the package, but this should have been organized and communicated beforehand. 3)We had to ask multiple (5 times or more) for items. For example, it took multiple requests for them to change the “Happy Anniversary” banner to the honeymoon banner. Our bathtub did not contain a stopper. We waited over 3 hours for a stopper that never came. It took us 3 phone calls, a butler text and going to the front desk for a bathtub stopper. 4)Credits are suppose to be used for excursions, spa, etc. without additional pay. This is FALSLY ADVERTISED as their “credits” is actually a coupon book. My husband did the math, and we would have had to spend an extra $2,000 at least in order to use all of the coupons in the book itself. Why do I want to pay an extra $2,000 when I already spent several thousand for the honeymoon itself? This is highly misleading and needs to be changed from “credits” to coupon book or change the way the “credits” are used. We were only able to use one coupon in the book (and we had to talk to two different people to be allowed to use it). 5) In the buffet, they would not fill up your cup with water until after you finish getting your food + extra time. We had to hunt someone down to get a water refill almost every time. Every day we had to watch our water consumption or bring a bottle of water with us because of how long it took for people to refill. It always felt like we were the only ones because we constantly saw staff refill other people’s tables often. 6)We were told there was no need for reservations in the restaurants. This is not true. If you are going to any of the restaurants except the buffet, Dorado, or the Italian restaurant, make a reservation. We had difficulty finding a table a few nights and resorted to the buffet. With diamond club, we were able to have a butler reserve our dinner nights for the rest of the trip. 7)Communication between the staff throughout the entire resort was poor. I asked multiple staff members questions to see if there was a consistent answer and there was not. There was confusion on where to be picked up on our last day (Hideaway lobby vs main lobby). There was confusion on where to pick up our COVID-19 test results (one said the Hideaway lobby, another said the medical area that night). Our trip was when the resort was only at half capacity. There may have been an understaffed issue, but staff needs to be retrained so everyone knows the same answer. It is very difficult to see this place running smoothly when it is brought back to full capacity. Long story short, we do not recommend this resort, especially if you are planning on a honeymoon. It was a very stressful vacation to where we were planning a honeymoon 2.0 three days in. Many things would have to be fixed before considering coming back.”
— Christana Kay
“What more could you need? Sunshine, sea and a sandy beach. Add some delicious food and a swim up pool and its almost paradise”
— sue mewett

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